The Second International Digital Panda Festival · The First Wenchuan Cultural and Creative Exhibition is unveiled on Nov. 11 to Spread Panda Culture with Digital Technology

The Second International Digital Panda Festival · The First Wenchuan Cultural and Creative Exhibition is unveiled on Nov. 11. The Event is jointly organized by the Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Administration (Sichuan Provincial Administration of Giant Panda National Park) and the People's Government of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, and co-hosted by the People's Government of Wenchuan County, Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Aba Prefecture etc.. With the theme of "Create a Beautiful and Intelligent Panda Home Promote Harmonious Coexistence between Human and Nature", the Event will take the form of "online + offline" and "international + domestic" multilateral interactions in promoting an international flagship platform for the intelligent construction of the giant panda national park, the prosperity of giant panda cultural and creative industries, and the value transformation of ecological products.


The Event is held in a "4+N" mode. The "4" refers to the opening ceremony, the Sichuan National Park International Conference, the Wenchuan Giant Panda Cultural and Creative Exhibition and the First Wenchuan Cultural and Creative Exhibition. The "N" refers to the World Debut of NFT Digital Collection of Giant Pandas, the contract signing of the cultural and creative industry platform, the Awards of Giant Panda Digital Art Creative Design Competition, and the display of ecological agricultural products. The Event integrates Wenchuan IP pandas with Wenchuan Intangible cultural heritage characteristics, cultural and creative features, enterprise features and university features, etc. by means of the "My Country" creative market, the rural poetry recitation competition and other thematic activities. By that time, people will gather in Wenchuan for this artistic and creative event, which originates from life, demonstrates the countryside and allows the wave of creativity to flow into the countryside.




It is learnt that the opening ceremony, which combines technology and art forms, will be divided into three chapters: Green Panda Home with Rivers and Mountains, Harmonious Coexistence of People and Panda, Wenchuan C&C Matters as Popular as Digital Pandas, with a panoramic review and presentation of the habitat of giant pandas and the construction results of Wenchuan, the cultural source of giant pandas. The Event will launch 3D upgraded versions of Wenchuan's virtual mascots Wenwen and Chuanchuan, and give Awards of Giant Panda Digital Art Creative Design Competition etc. The Sichuan Digital Collection of Giant Panda National Park is released first globally.




The opening ceremony echoes the "digital" theme in integration of high-tech equipment and virtual technology to create a futuristic, high-tech scene immersive experience. Outside the venue, the site will be set up with large art theme devices with a digital sense of the future and the times, 3D holographic naked eye equipment, interactive physical devices, VR immersion experience devices, so that guests will be able to experience an audio-visual feast that is both futuristic and technological as soon as they enter the venue.





During the Event, The Sichuan National Park International Conference, one of the main activities of the Event, will invite representatives, experts and scholars from universities, research institutes and government, corporate and public interest organizations from Sanjiangyuan National Park, Giant Panda National Park, Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park, Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park and Wuyishan National Park etc. to discuss and share their wisdom and minds, jointly explore new ways for innovations of national park, advance high-quality development of giant panda national park for the goal of building the most influential national park globally and make more contributions to building beautiful China and promoting harmonious coexistence between human and nature.



The Exhibition is divided into four major themes, namely the giant panda industry cooperation exhibition, the giant panda cultural and creative exhibition, the original ecological products exhibition of the giant panda national park, and the exhibition of Wenchuan ecological agricultural products. Particularly, he exhibition site combines the dynamic and static display ways. The dynamic display way uses VR technology to break through the geographical space restrictions in the integration of ecological reserves and VR technology innovation, so that people will have an immersive experience of giant panda living environment. The static display way demonstrates the giant panda national park, the pure land Aba and Worry-free Wenchuan by the use of large image posters, exhibition wall and natural landscape to form a hierarchical space design and display science and popularization content.





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